10 Fun Facts about Chicago

Chicago is a city full of life and excitement and it is one of the biggest cities within the United States. This is an interesting place […]

3 Reasons to Enjoy Wine Tasting in New York with a Group of Friends

Spending time with friends is synonymous to having fun and making new memories. Rather than going to cinemas, theatre and amusement parks, wine tasting is a […]

5 Reasons to Book a Wine Tasting Tour in Chicago

Wine tasting is a fantastic feeling which should be experienced by all. What’s better than booking a wine tasting tour in Chicago? A wine testing tour […]

7 Fun Facts about New York City

Falling in love with NYC is easy. It is a huge city with enough square kilometers covered, that it seems that it had ingested a couple […]

What to Wear at a Wine Tasting Event in New York

Just like any event, wine tasting party also need proper attire. Rather than going as an under-dressed or an overly-dressed individual, it is better that the […]

What to Expect at a Wine Tasting Event

Wine tasting is a sensory examination and evaluation of various forms of wines. With a lot of significant practice, the tasting of wine gets better and […]

What Are Wine Tasting Kits

Wine tasting kits are instruments which help you to understand and analyze the wine characteristics and aid you in your wine tasting skills. This is a […]

3 Reasons Why Wine Tasting is the Best Way to Celebrate an Event

You’ve checked your Facebook events tab or your local website/blog for what to do, but you’re lost. It’s the weekend and you want to get out. […]

What to Wear for a Night of Wine Tasting in NYC

There’s a palpable excitement in the air when planning a trip to a local or destination winery, but it can also come with some worry while […]

Wine Tasting Etiquette

Wine tasting classes are a few of the fanciest events a person could experience in one’s life time. They allow people to try out various types […]

Life of a Professional Wine Taster

Wine tasting is a real job, people! Amidst the tortures of the corporate world, where we serve as modern day slaves, a profession related to tasting […]

Why A Night Out In NYC Is Best With Wine Tasting

Wine tasting in New York City is a wonderful experience. You have got different places in the city to try out the best wines and indulge […]

What to Wear for Wine Tasting in Chicago

Chicago is one of the best places for wine tasting with its various wineries, restaurants and bars across the city. The weather is equally beautiful and […]

Sommelier Levels to Achieve in Wine Tasting and Testing

At Degustibuss International, we have an international vision, partnering with sommeliers and aficionados for ongoing wine education based on theory and practice. Oftentimes, those attending our […]

How to Become a Sommelier

The word sommelier is highly interesting. Isn’t it? Sommelier is a person who is an expert about wine and he or she has got much experience […]

Sommelier Certification

As a wine school of advanced learning and great experience, Degustibuss International guarantees an excellent introduction to the subject of wine tasting. The format for the wine […]

Why Wine Tasting Classes are an Ideal Anniversary Gift

So you have your anniversary coming just round the corner, and you have yet to figure out what to gift your better half?  Don’t worry. We […]

4 Reasons to Get Your Wine Class Certification

Wine class certification allows the wine maker and seller to be amongst the most reliable and educated sources of wine. The certificate qualifies the individual as […]

The Perks of a Wine Tasting Experience while Visiting New York

Great cities are great because they offer something unique to the visitors. It really is about the vibe that a particular city surrounds itself that makes […]

Wine Certification and Wine Education

In the magical setting of New York City, our wine tasting classes are hosted in venues including restaurants, hotels, and private location in exclusive settings with […]

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