the wine school with international flavor

The aim of our Academy is to spread wine culture, achieved by increasing knowledge, from the basics of wine-making to insights into food–wine pairings.

We pursue this mission through our ongoing wine education courses on two continents offered in France, Italy and the USA.

The Degustibuss wine school has an international vision and has created a successful easy-learning format: theory and practice concentrated in a few hours of coursework.
We have designed a course that initiates students to the knowledge and joys of wine, offering the best means for approaching the wine-making world, using straightforward but complete wine education formats.

Discover Degustibuss wine classes and a wine-tasting experience in the USA and around the world!

Our courses are designed and delivered using an exclusive, innovative teaching method that includes both practice and theory.

Teaching covers a theoretical introduction to the world of wine integrated with sessions dedicated to exclusive tastings, aiming to explain the sensory aspects of the wine.

The sight, nose and palate profile analysis of a wine is the first step in our school’s journey into the world of wine-making. Our intensive course of a few hours provides education of high level and tangible results in wine expertise.

Our wine classes take place in a professional setting, with our welcoming, sociable winemakers and sommeliers teaching all the notions of the ancient art of vinification and wine-tasting.

Your passion inspires our work: we dedicate each day to planning wine courses and events all over the world.

Our wine schools are based in NY, CHICAGO, PARIS, LYON, ROME, MILAN, where we’ll be waiting for you to begin this journey of discovery of international wines; the sensory nuances of wines from similar or different vine varieties, the aromas, and the pairings of the nectar of Bacchus.

Share your passion for wine

ecole du Vin

You’ll be able to give free rein to your curiosity for the world of wine, learning in a convivial setting with other enthusiasts. You’ll build up a rapport with your teachers but also with the other students, and enjoy some memorable tastings of stunning wines, in the company of our wine school’s experts and enthusiasts.

An exclusive experience, which promotes learning and socialization, great for the individual wine buff, but also for teambuilding practice, and for the wine education of those working in the restaurant industry.

Wine education for sharing sensations and culture

Our unique classes take you on a journey of the senses to discover wine and wine-making secrets.

An exploration of perceptions and wisdom that begins by assessing flavor and aroma characteristics, then continues into the realm of tasting skills, to arrive at the best pairings of food and wine, and the expertise for recognizing terroirs and wine regions.

From sensations to knowledge, taste and passion for wine become culture to make your own and share with others, rooted in your senses and your new expertise, acquired in the most alluring wine school.


Food and wine pairing


Our courses have a learning curve that starts with the first level of introduction to wine proceeding to the third level to discover food and wine pairings.

In particular, the third-level wine classes include combinations of French cheeses and local or foreign wines. A special moment set aside for attuning the personality of a wine’s nose or palate to the comparable or pleasantly contrasting characteristics of the cheeses.

You’ll explore the differences in French cheeses by regions of origin, how the cheeses are made, and how they are served.
Wine and cheese pairings are created by taking into account taste but also the occasion, with a close eye not only on the right combination, but also on the mistakes to avoid when serving food and wine.

A wine school with international vision


Our wine education draws thousands of students annually, on at least three continents, working simultaneously in France, the USA and Italy.

We have an international vision, partnering with sommeliers and aficionados for ongoing wine education based on theory and practice.

We offer straightforward wine-tasting classes that are innovative and effective: a learning method that sets us apart from other wine schools.

The teaching format aims to make it easy to learn wine-making concepts and the basics of tasting, thanks to courses structured on three different levels.

  • Level 1 is an introduction to wine – the foundations for learning and mastering the three sensory steps for assessing wine: visual, nose, and nose-palate analysis.
  • The 6 Finest Italian Wines format of our wine tasting, was designed by our teaching staff to make it easy for participants to gain more insights into the wine world and particularly Italian’s Wine.
  • The 6 Finest French Wines.
  • 6 Wines & 6 Cheeses focuses on wine and cheese pairing. In particular, we look at choosing the right French cheese for each wine, and exploring other ways to serve food with the right wine.

Wine classes


Our format offers a 3-hour day of wine classes and wine-tasting.

Each class alternates theory and tastings, when we tap into our wine collections – labels from all over the world, made available for every course.

At the end of each course, you will be given your certificate of attendance for the day.

To ensure the best possible education, your teachers will be professional sommeliers and winemakers, flanking you at every stage of the course, resolving doubts and guiding you throughout tastings and pairings.

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